Owner Operator Household Goods


78% of Agents Hauling Revenue
82% of Agents Hauling Revenue over $100,000

With our bookings totaling almost $70 million we can provide self-haul in excess of 65%.

In-House Claims Management

Our in-house Claims Manager reviews all claims and communicates with operators to resolve all claims issues.

Monthly Statements

Federal Companies' stability is outstanding! Having been in business since 1913, it gives our drivers the peace of mind that every month there will be a statement waiting for them.

In addition to our attractive compensation schedule, other benefits include:

  • 35% Advance of Hauling Revenue on Day of Load
  • Settlements within 72 hours
  • Sharing the cost of Base Plates-Prorates-Permits-Fuel Taxes
  • No Trailer Charges
  • Centralized Dispatch


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